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Assistance with RFP Responses

RFP responses involving cloud are complicated, with clients expecting detailed architecture and comparison on multiple cloud providers. Most of the times this is a daunting task considering number of features in AWS, Azure, etc. Our experts will help you generate the best responses for RFPs and help you win.

Design Validation

Our expert cloud architect will be able to validate your production design and suggest improvements to achieve high availability of the application. Design validation could turn out to be a vital requirement before you go live and we will help you understand the improvements and their necessity with less hassle.

Deployment Plan

A Deployment Plan defines the sequence of operations or steps that must be carried out for risk free deployment. In situations where there is a high potential risk of failure in the target system environment, deployment plans should be rehearsed to minimize the issue during the actual deployment. Our expert cloud architect will analyse your deployment plan and make recommendations or can create a deployment plan from scratch, if required.

Troubleshooting Complex Issues

Troubleshooting on cloud services needs expertise on cloud environments and experience in troubleshooting complicated issues. Additionally, experience with various workloads like LAMP Stack, SharePoint, Java, etc. is also necessary for efficient troubleshooting. Our experts help you find the root cause of complicated issues.

Migration Plans for Various Workloads

Cloud migration has a lot of complicated tangents to it. This makes having a rock-solid plan very important. If you have a migration plan, our experts can validate it and if you do not have a plan, our experts can help you generate a migration plan for various workloads to make sure you succeed.

Price Optimizations for Existing Resources

Each service in AWS / Azure is priced with unique strategies. We provide simplified understanding of the pricing, so that you can make an informed decision regarding the resources on AWS / Azure. We also provide suggestions on the cost optimization techniques.

Multi Cloud Disaster Recovery Planning

If you are planning to have your resource deployment on multiple cloud platforms like AWS and Azure, we can help you with designing and implementation. We also provide suggestions about suitable workloads to be created or migrated to specific cloud platform or design cross cloud disaster recovery plans.


Call +1 877-355-0124 for Expert Cloud Architects on Demand!